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Atlas Copco Air Compressors

Air Technologies® is a proud Atlas Copco distributor

As an Atlas Copco distributor and one of the world’s largest independent air compressor distributors and service providers, Air Technologies® offers a broad range of oil-free and lubricated air compressors that meet virtually every industrial and institutional compressed air system requirement.

Atlas Copco is a world leader in air compressors, integrating leading-edge technology from its world renowned research facilities into innovative products and techniques that make compressed air systems more efficient and cost effective.

Need a Customized Solution? Air Technologies® systems specialists can help you evaluate your project design and engineering to optimize air quality, while ensuring a low installation cost and long-term operation cost savings.

Find the perfect match for your compressed air system with the following Atlas Copco air compressors:


Lubricated Air Compressors

Atlas Copco AR Atlas Copco GX 2-11 (3-15 HP) Atlas Copco GA 5-11 (7.5-15 HP)
Atlas Copco GA 5-11 (7.5-15 HP) VSD Atlas Copco GA 7-15 (10-20 HP) VSD+ Atlas Copco GA 11-30 (15-40 HP) VSD
Atlas Copco GA 30-90 (40-125 HP) VSD GA 90+ -160+ / GA 132-160 (125-200 HP) VSD Atlas Copco GA 200-500 (250-600 HP)
GA 160+ Air Compressor
Atlas Copco GA 160+ and 200-315 (200-350 HP) Atlas Copco GAR 5-30 (7.5-40 HP) Atlas Copco GR 110-200 (150-250 HP)

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Oil-Free Air Compressors

Atlas Copco LF (Oil-Free Piston Units) Atlas Copco LFx (Oil-Free Piston Units) Atlas Copco SF (Oil-Free Scroll, 2-20 HP)
Atlas Copco ZE / ZA 3-6 & ZE4 VSD Atlas Copco ZT 15-22, ZR / ZT 30-45 & ZT 15-22-37 (20-75 HP) Atlas Copco ZR / ZT 55-90 and ZT90 (75-125 HP) VSD
Atlas Copco ZT / ZR 110-750 & ZR 132-900 VSD Atlas Copco ZB VSD (Oil Free Blower)

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